Cleansing Supplies

As part of the spiritual cleansing protocol we recommend to most of our clients you will need to source some supplies. We always recommend supporting your local businesses. Look at local metaphysical supply shops. They will usually have some of all of these supplies in stock.

For those of you who aren’t lucky enough to have a local supply shop, you can easily order what you need online. We are NOT affiliated with these vendors and make no $ from these sales. We present these links simply for convenience.

= Smudge Sticks = –  

How many do I get?: No matter which of the recommended vendors you choose below, we recommend laying in a supply of 4-5 sticks. Depending on the size of your house and the length of your cleansing ritual you could use a whole stick per cleansing session (usually get at least 2 uses per sick) and you’ll likely be cleansing your space at least weekly for a while.

5-direction Smudge Sticks: This is hands-down our favorite smudge stick. They’re very well made with quality ingredients and ou can easily get 2-3 cleansing sessions per stick. They also smell pretty awesome. This incense blend helps push out negative energy while drawing in positive vibes and is the ideal cleansing /blessing in one. Ordering a 1/2 dozen of these will set you up for a while. Of the 3 options, we recommend this most and use this particular stick on our own ritual blessings and cleansings.

Great quality sticks from Mountain Rose Herbs: You can also use Cedar sticks available through Mountain Rose Herbs. They have awesome smudge sticks but they’re more expensive than what you can find on ebay. The bundles are thick and bound tight for a slow steady burn and plenty of smoke, which is what you want. You should be able to get 2-3 cleansing sessions from each stick. (get the large stick!)

More Affordable Sticks via Ebay: White sage is traditionally used, but we find the smell to be obnoxious. We typically use  Desert Sage sticks available through ebay. Go for long and thick sticks over short. You’ll get more use out of them and try to buy in batches of 4-6 sticks with an average cost under $3 each for a good deal. Just as effective as the other sticks but more budget friendly.


= Trinity Incense Blend = –  

This is our signature time-tested incense blend used in very specific situations. You really only need to make this if specifically advised to do so. It is monumental overkill for most situations.

We recommend ordering the smallest increment each (currently 4oz) of Copal, Frankincense and Myrrh which will total 12 oz of finished incense. This will last a LONG TIME, most likely years.

To make this blend you need 1 part each of Copal, Frankincense and Myrrh. You order the components individually and blend them by hand and then burn on a charcoal disk. BUY THE RESIN… NOT THE OIL / LIQUID.

If you can’t find the powdered format, you can crush the chunks with a ziplock bag and a hammer fairly easily. Ideally it all needs to be powered and mixed thoroughly in equal parts.

You will need to burn this mixture on charcoal disks. You can buy sleeves of charcoal through Mountain Rose Herbs here, but you’ll get a much better deal ordering a box of coals through ebay. These are also sold at some smoke and hookah supply stores fairly cheap. If you have an option get the 40mm size over the 33mm disks.

For more information on cleansing check out our staff articles or our founder’s book, Help! I’m Haunted! – Dealing with Ghosts.

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