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Holographic & Quantum Theory Unit:
This unit is designed to familiarize you with the concepts involved in holographic theory which is the foundation for our approach to this phenomenon. The theory, around since the 70’s, illustrates that reality as we understand it is a construct of consciousness which is heavily influenced by our belief systems as illustrated by the little-understood placebo effect. Once you understand the power and influence your belief structures have on your reality you can begin leveraging those beliefs to deal with this phenomenon.

Mediumship & Spirit Communication:
Working with spirit mediums is the cornerstone of our approach to most client situations. It allows us to drastically cut the time needed to resolve a client’s problem since mediums have a way of seeing the situation much more clearly than most of us. This allows us to skip most of the guess work.

Intro. to Paranormal Investigation:
This unit contains two basic and widely accepted texts that give an excellent overview to commonly accepted investigation practices, concepts and tactics. Additionally, we include an excellent book on interview techniques. This book is out of print and copies are difficult to get ahold of.

Case Studies:
This is a fairly extensive list of case studies that clearly illustrate some of the worse case scenarios possible in this line of work, especially dealing with cases of possession. Some of the cases are fictional, but do an excellent job of illustrating some of the classic progression stages of possession.

Dealing with Hauntings:
This unit gets to the heart of what we do and is built upon the approach illustrated in the first book written by our founder, James Sangster. This approach clearly takes concepts derived from holographic theory and applies them in a useful and meaningful way allowing individuals to leverage their belief systems to resolve most problematic hauntings. This is typically accomplished through the re-alignment of belief systems and the use of simple yet meaningful and thus powerful unitarian-style spiritual rituals.

Mythology and Comparative Religion Unit (Optional Unit):
Mythology within the context of holographic theory could be considered the study of complex spiritual belief systems on both the sociological and individual levels. Therefore, being able to analyze and interpret a client’s religious belief system and leverage that for the purposes of spiritual remediation is an exceptionally useful tool.