EVP Samples

Magnolia Ballroom Investigation

Synopsis: This investigation was conducted at a Houston, Tx “Ballroom” that has a reputation for being haunted. Our team contacted the owner of the establishment and were granted access to the property to perform an investigation.

Sensitives reported the presence of several spirits at the location and a great amount of evidence was gathered to corroborate this evaluation, both on audio, video and via photography.

There are three primary EVP events that were isolated during this investigation. This is a listing of recordings and enhancements for all three events. You will most likely need to turn your audio volume up to maximum to hear some of audio anomalies.

Butterballs Conversation – In this sequence you hear two investigators talking about “butterballs”. One investigator opens a small freezer at the investigation location and notices a bowl of frozen gourmet balls of butter left from some party at the location at an earlier date. There are three distinct events in this first sequence. The first is an obvious “ghostly” voice joining in the conversation saying “no”. The second is a loud bang which is one of the investigators tossing a butter ball to another investigator for inspection and then missing. Nothing paranormal about that but it’s a loud bang on the tape. The third event is a very obvious chanting that appeared on the tape but didn’t actually happen at the location. We have also provided an enhanced “no” audio file and an enhanced chanting audio file. As a further exploration of these files we’ve also created a visual markup of the audio files in which you can see the differences in the normal sounds in the recordings and the anomalies present.

The next segment is a section of conversation in which a “scream” is heard in the background.

The final segment is a sort of “sigh” that was captured with no explainable cause. This was captured on two different audio recording devices in the same room over 20 feet apart. We also have an enhancement of this clip available. See the visual analysis of the “sigh” here.