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Are Hauntings, Ghosts, Demons and Spirits Real? 

Our Mission:

We serve the community through educating the public and our clients about the paranormal phenomenon and assisting / counseling and intervening in times of spiritual crisis.

HGR is a private investigative group dedicated to studying paranormal phenomena in the greater Houston area. We operate both as an investigation group and non-denominational ministry focused on education in regard to paranormal and spiritual issues, specializing in spiritual crisis intervention.

The confidentiality and privacy of our clients are always respected to the utmost. Our services are offered totally free of charge, as they are primarily for research purposes and to assist families and individuals in need of information, assistance and guidance where paranormal phenomena are concerned.


We make it a point of not charging clients for our consultations and services, and often provide initial supplies for free in some cases. Obviously these supplies are not free to us. If you would like to donate something to offset expenses we would greatly appreciate that. We are now a 501(C)(3) (not for profit organization), as cash rarely changes hands within our organization, so donations can be made directly to group leadership here:




Lori West, the Lone Star Medium:

Lori discusses her approach to helping clients and her experiences as a life-long medium in an HCR interview. For more information on Lori, her website, book and private bookings please see our staff page.


Important Note:

All members of HGR are ordained ministers through a non-denominational church. Any and all advice given by an investigator should be considered spiritual counseling / advice from clergy unless otherwise stated. Under no circumstances should any advice given be considered legal or medical advice, unless the consulting member also holds a relevant professional certification.


HGR is also one of the founding groups for the Houston Paranormal Alliance and a member of the International Ghost Hunters Society (IGHS), as well as the South Texas Ghost Hunters Alliance (STGHA).

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