I think my house may be haunted. What should I do?

Dealing with a haunting can be a stressful situation. It’s natural to fear what you don’t understand. Fear and anxiety often serve to make the situation seem worse than it actually is. Focus on educating yourself. Our Recommended Reading or staff articles pages are a good place to start. You should also consider reading our book “Help! I’m Haunted: Dealing with Ghosts.” It was specifically written with clients in mind and outlines a simple step by step approach.

I think my house may be haunted. Can you help?

We simply do not have the time and manpower to get involved in every case we’re contacted about. Typically, we only get involved in cases where families or property owners feel threatened or feel that they are in crisis. If this sounds like your situation we’re happy to evaluate your case. Please review our prospective clients page.

What is EVP? Is it real?

EVP is Electronic Voice Phenomenon or sometimes Electromagnetic Voice Phenomenon is the practice of capturing the “voices” of ghosts on tape recorders. In fact, one of our countries founding fathers, Ben Franklin, was obsessed with this concept in his later years and was working on a device to communicate with the dead.

Are you like the TAPS TV or Paranormal State?

Yes and no. There are some significant differences, but we generally share the same approach. We always look for a mundane explanation before assuming the situation is paranormal. We believe firmly in the use of psychic mediums to quickly and easily pinpoint the sources of activity in a haunting. We also make a sincere and honest effort to counsel our clients and educate them on how they best might deal with their situation.

Can ghosts hurt you?

Yes, absolutely they can, but rarely have the motivation to do so. Do most of the people you encounter in your daily life have any reason to harm you? If they did have reason would they? Most people we encounter in our daily lives are generally good people. The vast majority of ghosts are the same. They have little or no motivation to try and harm you unless they themselves feel threatened or feel you are disrespecting their space.

Are ghosts “evil” or “demonic”? How do I know if I have a demon in my house?

First of all, the VAST majority of hauntings are caused by human spirits. Ghosts usually have very little motivation to hurt anyone and are not inherently good or evil just as people are not inherently good or evil. People have a capacity for both good and evil and most people in the world are fairly good or at least would not intend to do you harm. In our years of investigation as a group we have encountered non-human entities, but these spirits very seldom have any motivation to hurt anyone.

In our experience, you have a better chance of being hit by lightning than being host to a demonic possession. Most clients are simply shaken up and afraid because they’ve never encountered a ghost before or lived in a haunted location.

How much do you charge?

For families in immediate need, not a dime. We are committed to that. We are a completely volunteer organization. We have never charged a non-commercial client and likely never will. If we agree to travel a long distance or incur some other unusual expense on behalf of the client we may ask for reimbursement, but that’s about it.

By keeping the service free it can never be said that we do what we do to take advantage of others, etc. In reality, the costs are usually minimal anyway, because we only take clients in the Houston area, we hand-pick our clients and we typically use a minimal amount of gear. The majority of our work occurs through volunteer mediums who simply want to reach out and help the community.

Occasionally we may need to refer a client to a reputable 3rd party service provider if we do not have the in-house expertise to deal with the problem. This is rarely the case but it is necessary in some situations. In this scenario you would be responsible for any financial arrangements with that party for services rendered. Fees should always be discussed clearly up front. We generally only refer out clients to a 3rd party we have worked with in the past and have a high degree of faith and trust in.

However, some of our members do offer paid services as independent contractors to the commercial sector. If you are a landlord and have a problem property you can’t keep tenants in, a real estate agent who can’t unload a property because it gives everyone the creeps then feel free to contact us and we’ll refer you to someone that can help. We can work remotely or on-site and pricing is usually reflective of the distance traveled, the severity of the problem and the size of the property. Our members set their own individual rates, but they’re typically in the ballpark of $100 for remote session and $200 for on-site visits. Serious problems require much more work and effort and may increase costs.

Several of our members also provide paid services to the community at large and have their own private clients. You may be referred to HGR by one of our members for a number of reasons. Your financial arrangements with that member previous to your referral is a private arrangement between you and them.