Prospective Clients

Our general interview process has been fairly standardized over the last few years. There are some variations depending on misc. circumstances, but the general outline is as follows:

  1. Initial Paperwork – It’s critical clients fill out this paperwork thoroughly.
  2. Phone Interview – One of our staff members will conduct a phone interview based on the data provided in your questionnaire.
  3. Initial Case Review – The case manager will either decide to take the case based on the information on hand or request direction from HGR senior staff.
  4. Background Research (when applicable) – As time allows, we will begin research on the people and properties involved to see what corroborates reported incidents, if anything. This can also include interviews with other witnesses, etc.
  5. Remote Blind Reading – Clients will be asked to provide photos of people and places involved in the investigation. Multiple mediums will be assigned to review the photos and record their readings. Readings will then be indexed for similarities with each other or reported incidents from the client.
  6. In-person Walk-through – A small team of investigators will be assigned to walk through your property to review the space, look for problems such as possible mundane or alternative explanations for the reported phenomenon. At least one medium will also be present in the team to provide an on-site evaluation.
  7. Debriefing & Recommendations – Team members will debrief their findings to the client along with their recommendations for remediation, if necessary.
  8. Follow-up – Case management or other HGR personnel will be assigned to follow-up with the clients to coach them through the recommended remediation process and to monitor any further developments or escalations.

In most cases, clients are expected to take responsibility for conducting their own cleansings and maintaining diligence with follow-up measures under our expert guidance. Our staff will give you hands-on training and coach you through our process. This often begins with the team’s first on-site visit.

Results are almost always positive, but keep in mind our process requires significant effort and cooperation on the part of the client, especially with regard to controlling their own fear and anxiety levels. We firmly believe that the best person to take control of your situation is you. Our job is to help you do that.

Initial Paperwork: 

This is the initial fact-finding and information-gathering portion of an investigation. As much information as possible will be gathered so that an overview of the situation can be gained. All potential HGR clients will be provided with an electronic questionnaire to help give our team a general overview of your situation. You will also be given a Client Incident Log to help track what happens and when it happens, and an investigation Waiver. It takes most clients 30 minutes to an hour to complete the questionnaire, fill out the incident log with everything that’s happened to date, and to read over the other documents. You will then email your completed documents back to our team for review.

It is VERY important that you be as thorough and honest as possible on your initial paperwork.

New Client Forms:

In-Person Interviews / Walkthroughs:

One of us will sit down with one person in the family and conduct an interview. During this time we’ll have another family member give a tour of the property to one of our mediums and another team member. After that walk-through is complete we will interview the person who gave the tour and the other family member is asked to give a tour to our other medium.

We try to keep the number of people per client visit to no more than 4 HGR staff members both to minimize our presence in your home for your own comfort (we realize this is likely a stressful time for your family) and so that there is a minimal amount of excess energy on the scene. This helps our mediums to focus and get accurate readings. If children are directly involved or are the focus of a haunting, we may ask that they be present, but as a general rule you should plan on having a friend of family member watch your children when we visit.

We ask that you NOT invite friends or extra family members over during our appointments unless we have specifically asked for them to be there due to their direct involvement in the case. We’re not there to put on a show. If we arrive and there are unexpected guests we may leave without offering assistance.

As a general rule, most visits last 1-2 hours. Normally we do not plan on an overnight stay unless there are special circumstances. We MAY set up equipment and take a few photos, but we are not an equipment-heavy group because our goal is not to prove or disprove the existence of the paranormal. Because we generally only accept cases with moderate to severe hauntings, most of our clients have little doubt that they’re dealing with a spirit. Our focus, therefore, tends to center on figuring out what’s going on in your situation and helping you to resolve it. If we get a few interesting photos and good EVP, that’s just an added bonus.


Once interviews and walk-throughs are complete we’ll have everyone sit down and compare notes with what the mediums have picked up. During the course of the discussion we can usually piece together what’s happening in your situation and come up with a plan of action.

Follow-Up and/or Resolution Measures

Most data gathered during an investigation will be reviewed and analyzed within one to two weeks. Clients will be notified as soon as all data has been analyzed and some preliminary conclusion about the situation has been reached. Additional investigation sessions may need to be scheduled, as well. Often, any reported phenomenon will refuse to manifest while investigators are present.

Any observations, suggestions or potential measures of resolving the situation will be reported to the client either via standard communication or a follow-up interview session.

How much do we charge?

Generally we do not charge private, non-commercial clients for our services, but for more information please see our FAQ page.

How to get started?

Fill out the short form on our Contact page. Our case manager will email you the initial paperwork. You must fill out our initial questionnaire completely or to the best of your ability before we will consider taking your case. Contact us now.