Our investigation group is invitation-only. However, we occasionally get together in the North Houston area for dinner / drinks. We’re always interested in hanging out socially with like-minded folks.

CPA and/or Attorney Needed:

HGR is currently looking for a licensed / certified CPA or attorney who would like to volunteer their time and skills to assist us through the process of forming a 501c. We will cover the expenses involved, but would like assistance with setup, upkeep and paperwork. There is also a need for general attorney work for the group itself such as reviewing documents, contracts, etc. This volunteer position likely would not involve contact with HGR clients or cases.

Medical & Other Professional Positions:

We are also looking for qualified professionals such as plumbers, electricians, doctors, licensed counselors, therapists, or attorneys who are willing to donate their time (or adjust to a sliding scale) on an as-needed basis for the occasional client with special needs, etc.

General Volunteer Requirements:

Promising candidates will be extensively interviewed, relevant credentials and references will be checked thoroughly. In some circumstances a background check may be required to make sure you have a clear criminal history.

Houston Ghost Research is a well established, serious paranormal investigation group centered on educating our clients and coaching them through dealing with hauntings and other paranormal phenomenon. The leadership has several years experience both in paranormal investigations and in managing a professional group. We strive to help our clients understand and deal with spiritual situations they often do not understand and in may cases find very frightening and disturbing. By the time many of our clients contact us they are desperate for help/insight into their situations.

We are NOT like the ghost hunting groups on TV. While we do operate logically and from the approach of “debunking” phenomenon when logical mundane reasons can be found we also recognize from first hand experience that ghosts, spirits and the haunting phenemenon are real. We do not put a strong emphasis on collecting large amounts of data (though we do generally record for EVP). We are not out to prove to the world that ghosts and spirits are real. Our focus instead is on verifying if a client’s situation is or is not related to a spirit and then coaching them through the process of dealing with that spirit as the details of the situation seem appropriate.

General Qualifications:

  • The ability and willingness to offer your talents and time (within reasonable expectations of course) for the sake of our clients without any monetary compensation whatsoever. Our group has a strict policy of not charging clients for our services.
  • Low Drama & Low Maintenance – your personality style does not desire to be the center of attention. (this is hard to judge for yourself. Ask a friend to give you an honest opinion)
  • You take direction well – you understand that you will be working as a part of a team. You must be comfortable abiding by set rules of the group and understanding that while you may be key part of the group you operate under the authority of the leaders of the group.
  • Strong sense of ethics – trust and ability to hold personal information in the strictest confidence is a must. You will be privy to private information on clients who are very vulnerable. Both the team members and the clients must be able to trust you with this information.
  • Religiously neutral or extremely tolerant of other faiths/religions and the ability to translate explanations for spiritual concepts in such a way that it will make sense to someone of a different religion. Willing to work with both team members and clients from a wide variety of religious backgrounds without being pushy or judgmental.
  • Willingness to operate in potentially dangerous (physically and spiritually) situations.