Private Readings and Consultation

The normal scope of our group’s services are completely free and we’ll always keep it that way. While we certainly accept donations to offset expenses, we believe in offering this as a service to the community to help those in need.

HGR is about helping individuals and families in crisis, especially with regard to being able to feel safe in their own homes. Our staff, many of whom are very talented mediums, shaman and other experts in this field, graciously donate their time to this cause. However, a few staff members also offer their talent and services “for hire” and have their own clientele.

HGR limits the scope of our services to resolving the conflict. Any services above and beyond that goal will usually fall into the area requiring a private consulting session or reading. For example, if your home is having some unusual activity and this is un-nerving your family, we’ll help investigate the situation and try to help resolve it.

If the problem happens to be a family member or friend who’s passed on and they’re simply trying to communicate, we may facilitate a short conversation to resolve the situation and make everyone more comfortable.

If you want to have an extended conversation with this friend or family member for closure or peace of mind, that’s beyond the scope of what HGR offers. We cannot ask our consultants to provide you a free a service that they would normally charge for. They are entitled to make a living, too, and are already volunteering their time and energy to help families in genuine crisis. In this scenario you would want to contact the medium directly and ask for a private reading.

Contact for Private Readings:

LORI and BILL: You may contact Lori or Bill for a Private Reading at Bill specializes in spirit communication and finding missing persons. Lori specializes in the use of remote viewing to help to identify problems with physical ailments, as well as a list of other services, including communicating with the departed.