Our Staff

JamesJames Sangster
HGR Founder / Medium / Shaman
Responsibilities: Community Outreach, Research, Spirit Remediation, Exorcism

James had been involved in the paranormal investigation for over 15 years. His book, Help! I’m Haunted – Dealing with Ghosts is based on their work in the paranormal field. He developed the tiered cleansing protocol HGR uses to coach clients and leads the group in issues of hostile spirit removal when necessary. James is also an IT professional by trade and is currently studying the use of hypnosis to enhance psychic awareness. He’s also the primary host of Higher Consciousness Radio.



Lori Westlori
HGR Director / Lead Medium

Responsibilities: Medium Evaluations / Remote Viewing

Lori is a lifelong psychic and talented medium. She volunteers her time with HGR by doing pre-investigation readings by remotely viewing a home and describing the types of paranormal problems a client might be suffering beforehand, and getting a feel for the intent of the spirits.

On-site, Lori helps with describing the tone of the intruder, so that the Team and Family can decide how to proceed with each case. She is available for private readings as well. We can’t recommend her highly enough. Lori is a Gem and a tremendous asset to our team.



Akelta Wilde / Director
Consulting Medium

Responsibilities: Medium Evaluations / Cleansing & Healing

Akelta is a medium and psychic and has devoted her life to the study of the occult and the unseen world. She has a speciality understanding and working with darker spiritual beings and is considered an expert on demons and demonic energies. She loves helping people to awaken their spiritual potential and enjoys empowering people to step into their power and reclaim their lives. She is an energy worker and knows how to remove attachment and entities that have embedded themselves into people and enjoys using her energy healing skills to help those around her. She has a passion for religious anthropology and learning about different cultures and their spiritual practices, particularly how they work with spirits and handle situations of haunting and possessions. She is very excited to be working with HGR and helping out in any way she can.